What an amazing weekend! A trip to the Commando Training Centre, heading to Swansea for some serious fun and frolics, but not before hitting a bad ass workout at CrossFit Cardiff on Saturday morning. Which, provided a significant stimulus for you guys, especially Christie…

Never have I have had to “check my pulse”, rather her pulse (anyone’s pulse) during a workout. Genuinely thinking that she was going to croak mid assault bike sprint left me wondering…have I finally gone too far!
Don’t worry, that thought soon left my mind and I am now back to normal!

Welcome back the Tribal Clash warriors, competing all weekend causing them to be forced to be removing sand, lodged into places that the sun doesn’t shine, for weeks to come! Congrats teams, hell of an effort. As far as we know, they finished 31st and 35th. Legit!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Overhead squat
4 - 3 - 2 - 1*  

*With the load used for the 1 rep overhead squat, perform one set of max reps Front Squat.