Some new additions are coming to the already bad ass rig! Gone are the days of queuing for high ring muscle ups, not with the new trawlers attached. Folk will be able to jump on up, full of the fatigue provided by the other movements within the workout. No longer will there be anywhere to hide…”no no, you go, I’ve got to get some chalk otherwise i’d be straight up!” All you have to do is jump!

Of course, all of the above is being written in hope as the parts are only scheduled for delivery today. What might well happen is that I end up watching video after video on a rapidly dying iPhone battery waiting for someone to stitch my face back together…just like the last time I adjusted that rig! 👍🏼

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 2 minutes and for 5 Rounds complete:

30 Seconds of Max Double Unders
90 Seconds of Max Distance Assault Bike
Rest 4 mins between rounds

Please write total distance for all rounds completed to the whiteboard and check on Davs teeth…